Stay top of mind

Maximise growth moments & keep members active

Show your members you think how they think. Send messages that surprise, delight and inspire.

Top of mind

Stay connected with members via messages that are relevant for them - over the channels they respond the best. Make sure you listen to them, and continue to engage across all channels at best time and place.

Restart the connection

Create member segments based on their past activities in- and out- of store, and reconnect through personal messages over their last preferred channels. Reduce churn and increase loyalty by making it fun and inspiring to keep up with you.


Show your customers - you know them

Well-timed and personalized upsell or cross-sell doesn't feel like selling at all. It’s more giving them the change to buy something they might have wanted anyway.

Employ Bluetooth beacons, geotagging and wif-fi to help customers discover new products. Send product messages following in-store interaction or purchase in real-time while they are still in-store.


Let’s Go!

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